YMCA Cheltenham Family Space Circle
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Why does Family Space exist?

  • To bring Good News to our community
    by being a practical expression of the
    love of God
  • To work in the deprived area of West
    Cheltenham and beyond.
  • To develop people’s appreciation of
    themselves and their families giving a
    sense of hope.
  • To encourage family relationships,
    especially between parents, carers and
  • To mobilise partner organisations and
    churches to serve the community
  • To provide spaces where parents and
    children can feel safe.

These aims result in the following benefits.

  • Parents are more confident and
    more capable in coping with the
    stresses of family life.
  • Families begin to operate their own
    Support networks in the
  • Local children are more likely to
    grow up in a Safe and secure
  • Separated families can re-establish
    communication and relationship
    where this is broken.
  • Local people are aware that Family
    Space is available to signpost them
    to other services.
YMCA Cheltenham Family Space Mother and Child

“When I started going to Family Space I wasn’t in the best place emotionally I was really struggling. Joining Time Out helped me to make friends and slowly gain confidence. I felt like I was failing my children as I couldn’t financially provide for them. Family Space helped me gain some relevant skills by giving me chance to volunteer.

They helped me to find a job that fit around the children which I will be forever grateful for. When I look back now I can see how far I have came since joining Family Space. I now have more confidence and even though I still have slight bad days I’m much better then what I was. I don’t feel like I’m failing the children. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me over the years and who still support me when I need them.”

 – Mum supported by Family Space over the last 10 years.