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Befriender’s support mums-to-be and families with children aged 0-5, living in the Hesters Way, Rowanfield and Springbank neighbourhoods.

Befrienders seeks to enhance the quality of life for parents, carers and their children and to encourage positive relationships so young children can enjoy a good start in their lives.


A Befriender can give a helping hand with the ups and downs of family life, especially when a family may not have much support around them. Help may be needed on a short term basis e.g.,

  • help for the first few months as a new baby arrives in the family
  • help during recovery after an operation
  • new to the area and would like to have help going to new groups and facilities in the area

Or on an on going basis, e.g.,

  • supporting getting a child to nursery or school
  • help with weekly shopping
  • help to attend medical appointments
  • support to keep on top of running a home
  • someone to talk to and get parenting tips from

Befrienders are well connected in the local community with other groups, organisations and advice services and so can signpost to other amenities for wider help, e.g., Citizens Advice, Debt counselling, toddler groups, library, Food Bank, church events….

You can request a Befriender through your Health Visitor, Midwife, Nursery or you could make a direct request yourself. All our Befriender volunteers are DBS checked, have some training and lots of life experience, as well as being friendly and caring. Please use the form below to make a referral to the befriender service. This can be a self referral or for use by another professional working with you or the family.

For more information please contact Melissa Webb  on

Befrienders Registration

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Are there any other professionals working with the family? Please put name and contact details?
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