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You can change the life of a local young person facing homelessness for just 40p a day!

When you become a Room Sponsor not only are you giving a vulnerable young person a home, you are giving them a second chance.

Being young and homeless can create a cycle of poverty, ill-health, and exclusion that can be impossible to break. Your support will change lives.  You can choose to support a young person in Gloucester or Cheltenham.

It costs just 40p a day to Sponsor a Room! But, we know times are tough, so whatever you can afford to give will make a difference to a vulnerable young person near you.

YMCA Room Sponsor Vital Basics

Give £5 a month

Provide vital basics

Give someone a warm welcome. Help us provide homely touches such as a toothbrush, clean bedding, and access to hot food.

Help them feel at home.

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Give £12 a month

Room Sponsor (40p per day)

Your Room Sponsorship will give a person near you, a safe, stable home, so they can begin their journey to independence.

Give them the first step to a brighter future.

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Give £36 a month

One to one support

Many of our homeless young people have experienced trauma. Your donation will help pay for our caring support staff.

Help rebuild their trust.